Month: January 2017

More on why disabilities bring cash

Last time I gave you a generic overview a little bit about my world of accessibility consulting, combined with how disabilities help business in a number of ways. Simply put…disabilities bring cash! 1. What if you are not accessible you’re missing out on massive revenue explained in this blog… And also this page of the website… 2. If you’re looking for long-term employees for business people with disabilities are a great option for a number of reasons explained in the same blog…

I want this blog to help everybody not just people with disabilities I wanted to help everybody get a better understanding that if you are willing to be inclusive you can succeed in a major way. And much like how I do things in my life I want people to understand if there’s a very practical approach to everything you need to deal with in either becoming more accessible or becoming an employee when you have a disability. Remember disabilities bring cash either through increased revenue or for an individual with a disability to gain employment and make some money 🙂 I look forward to being a resource for everybody when you’re looking for an employee or employment. Things that you won’t necessarily know to look for without experience.

If you are a business, I can help you find cost-effective changes to make your business more accessible and help the disabled community find your business.

For individuals, I will help you with things like Disability disclosure and how to ask for what you need without it affecting your employability.